OMREBZ house 04

For sale

$14,000 USD ($28,000 BZD)

696 sq ft

     With Five (5) minutes away driving from the main Orange Walk hospital in the Black Water area in the Ann Gabourel section of Orange Walk is this large 75 Ft x 100 Ft lot that is properly cleaned down. All utility amenities are readily available in the area. This once farming area in Orange Walk is now one of the most recent expansions in Orange Walk with many residential homes already visible in the area. The main highway is also just 5 minutes away which makes this property easily accessible. Take advantage of this huge economical property to build your dream house or for investment as the high rise in property value in this area is on the rise.
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Additional Details

  • Lot Size : 75 FT X 100 FT
Land has very fertile Soil and is ideal for Urban Farming,

Huge Lot in Orange Walk, Black Water area, Ann Gabourel Section

All amenities are available in the immediate area

Property Attachments

Title Certificate property in hand

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