There is no other place on earth like Mountain Ridge Cayo in the country of Belize. It has a diverse scenery of tourist attractions such as waterfalls, Maya ruins (the largest in the country) and just to name a few. This rich mountainous area has attracted many tourists from all over the world and the best resorts in the country with scenic views are built in this area. Blanacaneux Resort is just one of the many resorts that bring this area to an international level. Omega Real Estate is excited to offer 9.88 acres of property in this area that is up For Sale for the best price. This 9.88 acre has spring water that is seasonal and can be found on the property. The Government of Belize is constructing an actual highway that will lead all the way to Caracol Ruins and will make this property an exceptional investment when the main road is paved. This property sits on the main road of Mountain Pine Ridge and will have easy accessibility a couple of months from now. when the main road is paved up to this property it will explode in value in the real estate market of Belize. Feel free to contact us at (501) 602-0304/614-0304 or email us at to get more information or close this deal.

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